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I was never a big fan of roulette or blackjack games, somehow I stick only to slot machines when I play online. At least most of the times – as sometimes I play few rounds in some other games just to try it out. I’ll try to explain to you in a simple way how each game works to make it easier for you all when you will start playing online.


slot machineLet’s start with slot machines – if you have ever seen a one-armed bandit machine in a normal casino, then that’s a slot machine. A name comes from the slot where you put the coins to play with. Some slot machines can be exactly the same like in land-based casinos, but some are totally different. Also, you will have much better selection online – pretty simple it’s much easier to make an online game than to build an actual slot.

Slot machines come with extra features like free spins, bonus game rounds or jackpots. One game can have all those extra options, and some will only have one. I tend to pick the games that provide as many extra features as possible as that’s what makes the game and playing more interesting for me.

You can play slot machines with low bets, usually, starts around $0.10 per single spin and goes up to $200. I have my favourite slots, that you can find in slot machine tab on the site.


keno online gameIf you are a fan of this lottery game, then now you can play it online. How does it work? You get a ticket with 80 numbers and you need to pick between 1 to 15 of your favourite numbers. The machine will randomly draw 20 numbers. The more hits you got, the higher will be the winnings you will get.

I’ve never been a big fan of Keno, but I have played it few times online. My highest score was 9 hits and I won around $15 for it.

The only thing about Keno games is that they are not always included in the casino bonuses – if you would like to play it with bonus, first you will need to make sure that your bonus offer is available for Keno games.



Let’s move on to the table games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Video Poker. Table games are excluded from the casino bonuses completely or they are not fully included in the wagering of the bonus. Usually, wagering includes around 5% of the best in tables games. If you will place bets for $100 then only $5 will be counted towards wagering of the bonus.


rouletteRoulette looks and works exactly the same as the one you have seen in the real casino. You place your bets on a number, colour, dozen, odd or even numbers, if you hit – you win. You can place multiple bets in a single round. You can play auto roulette by yourself or live roulette with other players who are online at the same time.

I always bet on my favourite numbers in roulette or on the colour, I never play more than 5-10 rounds in each session, as you already know – I prefer slot machines.


blackjackSame as in the roulette, if you know rules of the blackjack then you are good to go. You are playing either against the computer or croupier in Blackjack live. First, you are being dealt two cards, and you can either hit, stand or split your cards. Hit – when you want to get another card, stand – if you don’t want to get an extra card and split – if you would like to split your two cards into separate hands.

I’ve played Blackjack many times online and whenever I have free credits for table games I go and play round or two. If I’m lucky – I’m staying for longer, but usually, I win 2-3 hands and that’s it.



scratcch cardsHere comes my another favourite game – scratch cards. Whenever I’m at the gas station or kiosk I buy one of the normal scratch cards, you know those simple ones, where you need to hit three symbols to get $1 win or where you just win another card.

You can do exactly the same online – but you won’t get your hands dirty! You can buy from 1-6 scratch cards in a single round and you scratch them with the button. You can win cash, extra cards or multiplier of your winnings.