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Ok, so if you are here you probably already know what is a slot machine. Basically, it’s the game that you have seen in casinos in Las Vegas. You put a coin you spin it – either press the button or pull the bar. If you will get a winning combination on the pay line you will get a win based on the paytable.

I wanted to show you some of my favourite slot machines that I have been playing online. ┬áSome I like because of the design and the thrill, some make me feel like I’m in Las Vegas. And some of them managed to get to the list because I hit some nice win in it.


Mermaid Queen

mermaid queen slot machineWhen I was little the favourite cartoon of every girl was Little Mermaid, that’s why I started to play this slot machine. The theme is really nice, but it also has a nice random jackpot (that I hope to hit one day!). ┬áThere are 20 pay lines and the game has a free spin feature. The lowest spin that you can play is $0.10 and highest bet possible is $100.

I never really got any super big win in Mermaid Queen, but I still like to play it when I have some free cash. Who knows, maybe one day I will finally hit the random jackpot?

Food Fight

food fight slot machine

Now, this one is really funny – or at least it is for me. It has only 9 pay lines but what I like about it the most, is that you can shot to people with the food when you enter the bonus game round. You then get some lady, grandma and few other characters. You shot with the food until you miss it, and for each shot, you get a coin win. My biggest win in this slot machine was $500.

Sweet 16

sweet 16 slot machine

Sweet and nice – that’s how I would describe this slot machine. The main thing that I like is 243 pay lines. It means that every combination of 3 or more symbols that will appear from the leftmost to the right will get you a win. The game is full of sweet candies and chocolates and it also has free games! When you will hit 3 or more scatter symbols you will enter the special round, where 16 free spins will be played. Free spins can be re-triggered (which means that you can win more during the special round). One time I managed to get over 40 free spins and my win was around $200.